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Texas Ranks #1 Again!

Nationwide, Texas ranks number one for largest amount of people migrating into our state. It’s true!  Texas Association of Realtors’ 2014 Relocation Report shows that almost 600,000 people moved here from other states last year. Guess where the majority came from? You are correct…California. But Floridians and Oklahomans move here too!

Top 3 States Entering Texas:

  1. California (66,318)
  2. Florida (32,619)
  3. Oklahoma (29,169)

Texas Inflow

Okay, so there are no surprises. But what I found interesting and blog-worthy was the list of states Texans are moving TO.  See the list below.

Top 3 States People Moved From Texas TO (Outgoing):

  1. California (32,290)
  2. Oklahoma (27,391)
  3. Florida (24,226)

Texas Outflow

3 Things You Didn’t Know About San Antonio

1.  Shaquille O’Neal played high school basketball in San Antonio.

Shaq High School

2.  Despite what the movie “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” portrayed, the Alamo does have a basement. Either way, you’re not going to find his bike there.

PeeweesBigAdven_133Pyxurz copy

3.  Ever been to the “Dome on D’Range?”  Well, if you’ve ever been to the Alamodome, then you have! “Dome on D’Range” was one of 6,286 names submitted during a contest to name the Alamodome in 1990.  Some of the other submissions were:  Texadome, Megadome, Tax-a-dome, O’Henry Dome, and Dillo Dome.

Alamodome Pic

Little Known Way JBGoodwin is Working to Increase Your Sales by 82%

plane 2Two years ago, we took the initiative to regularly visit face to face with out-of-state third-party companies and out-of-state Leading RE Broker partners and we’ve seen fabulous results!handshakeJust this past month, Judy travelled to Phoenix, AZ and Orange County, CA to meet with our network partners. Visiting these companies in person really strengthens our presence and enhances our relationship, which then results in more business for all!

Judy had the chance to meet face to face with Odyssey Relocation, The MI Group, First Team Real Estate, Cornerstone, Bristol Global Mobility, Star Real Estate, Brookfield, and Global Mobility Solutions.  She also had lunch with Merry Shuck of Ebby Halliday and Gina Schoener of Heritage Texas Properties.

See below, how over a short 2-year period, our numbers have increased dramatically:

  • # of Incoming leads from third-party companies and Leading RE brokers grew from 579 to 827.
    • This is a 43% increase in our annual incoming # of leads!
  • # of Closed Sales increased from 170 to 274.
    • This is a 61% increase in closed sales!
  • Agent Dollar from these sales increased from $614,000 agent dollar to $1,120,000.
    • This is an 82% increase in Agent Dollar volume!
What does this mean for you?

Visiting our partnering companies representing JBGoodwin Realtors builds rapport and increases business for us.  This initiative has produced clear results – more business for you!

The partners Judy met with on her most recent visit represent the following companies:

Chevron, Continental Corporation, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Chase Bank, Healthtronics, EP Energy, U.S. Deptartment of Interior, Charles Schwab, Brady Corporation, Nielsen Company, Dana Holding Corporation, Hensel Phelps, Baptist Medical Center, Dollar General, Computer Associates, Bayer, and Micron Technology, just to name a few.

3 Ways JBGoodwin Austin is “Keepin’ It Weird”

Keep Austin Weird

“Keep Austin Weird” is Austin’s mantra supporting local businesses.  JBGoodwin is a local business that’s been around since the 1970’s.  We have over 430 agents to serve you.

3 Ways JBGoodwin Austin is “Keepin’ It Weird”

1.  Through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, JBGoodwin’s Relocation Department sends more outgoing leads than any other network broker and we’ve been doing it a really long time.  Can anyone say “RELO”?


2.  JBGoodwin is voted one of the “Best Places to Work” by Austin Business Journal 2014 and a “Top Work Place” in the Austin American Statesman three years in a row.

3.  What’s really exciting for you, is that 48% of our outbound leads converted to a sale.

Thank you for helping us “keep it weird!”