Just How Bad is Traffic in Austin?

Recently, Austin has ranked the third-worst traffic in the United States, at least according to one of several measures in the latest edition of a mobility report put out periodically by the Texas Transportation Institute.

It’s no surprise that the traffic in Austin has become a major issue.  More and more people moving to Austin per day means more cars on the roadways.  So what is the city doing to address the problem?

A traffic research firm, INRIX, announced that Austin is one of the top five most congested cities in America with approximately 70 new cars hitting the streets daily in Austin.  This makes sense because with all the jobs moving to Austin comes all the traffic as well.

Although the traffic congestion is a frustrating problem, it is a strong sign of our healthy, red-hot economy at the moment.  Austin’s unemployment rate is below 5% and at any given time you can look at the city’s skyline and see anywhere between 12 and 20 construction cranes in action building new employment venues & residences.

The city is doing a number of things to help relieve the congestion issue.  They are investing in new transit systems such as a “smart bus” rapid transit through the city which have the ability to ask the light signal to hold the green for a little bit to maintain a strict punctuality to stay on schedule.  These buses are also given their own transit lane.

Another major project the city is investing in to help ease traffic congestion is creating express lanes on both major regional freeways (Austin only really has two major freeways which come into downtown.)



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